The continent of Lorwick is an ancient, highly magical, sprawling land. It’s past long forgotten, it’s memories only trace back a few centuries, during time of great war, plague, famine, and strife. Races of all kinds now share the land peacefully; Elves and Dwarves, Orcs and Halflings, even Dragonkin and other races once thought of as “exotic” now roam the streets of many of the grand cities of Lorwick. The five kingdoms of Lorwick all trade the important goods, have friendly rivalries and have residents proud of their, short, but noble heritage.

Verath, the smallest Country, in the North West, is a heavily wooded land, inhabited largely by great forrest beasts. Centaurs call Verath home, and it’s three cities were built largely to acomodate the needs of large races. Even Orcs are made to feel small in the grand architecture of Arwanda, Verath’s capitol. Verath is bordered by Taeneth at the River Aelwynn, and Apep, by the great forrest. It’s border with Apep is largely arbitrary, as only the wildest creatures live in the depths of the Great Forrest, and anyone who makes it from one side to the other alive, is usually in no mental state to do anything other than stare blankly at a wall for the rest of their lives.

Apep is a stark contrast to Verath. The forrest quickly dwindles to grassland, which leads to desert for the rest of land. It’s only city, Aker, is the trade hub for the rest of Lorwick. Boats from the West arrive and deliver goods and merchants, who travel across to the Corinth Sea to ship goods to the rest of the continent. Other than Aker, Apep is largely deserted, and has never, in recent memory, been a large player in the politics of the land.

Taeneth, the country farthest North, is largely made up of ice. It’s largest export, salt, comes from the Dead Sea, which many believe Obad-Hai removed the water from Centuries ago to punish those who abused the gifts of earth he had given them. When the salt was discovered they believed to be gaining favor with their him, but wouldn’t not be truly forgiven until the water returned.

Old Moor, the second largest Kingdom of Lorwick, has one tradition that has always prevailed through time: Matriarchy. The women rule the homes, and the Queen rules the land. The first born daughter of each Queen, whether legitimate or other, (and there were many others) would inherit the throne. The land is full of soft rolling hills, and many sprawling forests. Many believe the elves originated here, and whether or not they did, they still rule the land. It’s capitol, Draclyn, lies on the western banks of the mouth of the River Aelwynn.

Mirroth is the largest Kingdom in Lorwick, making up most of the eastern half of the land. The continents only mountains cut off the Eastern coast from the rest of the land. The Dwarves call the Great Ridge home, and though accept the rule of the High Elf King, are socially governed by the old Dwarven Ruler Stargus Ironhewer, who has led his dwarves through the rule of many Elven kings.


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